About Cordelia Salter

Cordelia is from the UK and has an MBA from the University of Liverpool. She has been mentoring and coaching women entrepreneurs since 2016 including with the  Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. She has had clients from many countries with a special focus on Africa.

For over thirty years Cordelia worked in international development both with the UN and with NGOs. She spent twenty years living in Africa – in Egypt, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Ghana.

When living in Ghana Cordelia became a social business entrepreneur and founded an ecommerce website that was creating sustainable businesses for traditional African artisans. Because of this work she was selected by Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley to be part of their prestigious Global Social Benefit Incubator class of 2006. Her business was featured on the BBC website: BBC: African crafts go online.

Cordelia was also the Communications Coordinator for the UN Committee on World Food Security for ten years and was responsible delivering the annual global session.

As well as communications and advocacy work, she has also been a journalist, software programmer and English teacher.

Below are a few articles by Cordelia. If you would like to know more get in touch or contact her on Linked in

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