Cordelia Salter, the founder of Demistifi.com has a background in tech and communication. She is also a social business entrepreneur, mentor and coach. Cordelia believes that small businesses are a neglected engine of socio-economic growth. It’s small businesses that create and sustain the middle class.

She also believes that the being an entrepreneur is great for women who feel that they don’t fit into the full time work place. This may be because they have children or parents to care for or it may be because they are tired of trying to negotiate office environments that were designed by and for men.

She also thinks that everyone has at least one business idea in them – and has yet to be proved wrong!

Cordelia has an MBA from the University of Liverpool has mentored many women entrepreneurs. She was a business mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and continues to mentor many women entrepreneurs in many parts of the world.

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