The  GEM Women’s Entrepreneurship Report 2016/2017 tells us that one of the reasons there are fewer successful women entrepreneurs than men is because of lack of support such as coaching and mentoring. Demistifi directly addresses this gap.

Demistifi blends learning with and one on one coaching and mentoring to give women entrepreneurs the skills, information and support they need to keep their businesses on track.

Cordelia Salter, the founder of Demistifi.com has a background in advocacy and communication in the development sector. She is also a social business entrepreneur, mentor and coach. Cordelia believes that small businesses are a neglected engine of socio-economic growth and can help lift people out of poverty.  She also thinks that everyone has at least one business idea in them – and has yet to be proved wrong!

Demistifi is currently in pre-launch. We will be rolling out in stages during 2018 and 2019 aiming at being fully operational by 2020.  Leave us a message on the Get in touch page if you would like to know when we go live.