Cordelia Salter has a background in tech and communication. Most of her career has been in the aid sector  working for the UN. She has also been a social business entrepreneur, journalist and teacher. She’s from the UK.

Cordelia is now a business mentor and coach for women over fifty – her own demographic. She believes that being an entrepreneur is great for women who are tired of trying to make the corporate culture work for them. Being an entrepreneur allows women to better balance their social responsibilities like looking after children or parents. Even before retirement many women feel stuck in their careers as they face gender-age prejudice not experienced by men.  Cordelia believes that everyone has at least one business idea in them – and has yet to be proved wrong!

In her coaching she has found that many women over fifty feel they face a future that wasn’t designed by or for them. As children move on or as retirement approaches they have an opportunity to become themselves again. A series of coaching sessions gives them the opportunity to take stock of where they are, where they want to be and what they have to do to get their.

Taking clients through their wants, needs and wishes, Cordelia helps them come up with their own plan.

Cordelia has an MBA from the University of Liverpool has mentored many women entrepreneurs. She was a business mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and continues to mentor  women entrepreneurs in many parts of the world.

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