I’m Cordelia Salter a business mentor and coach. I work with women, usually over 50, who have an idea that they want to make into a business, or already have a business and want to scale up.  I help prepare for funding pitches – I’ve pitched to a panel of angel investors myself so know what that’s like.

I also coach women who feel stuck either in their life or careers. I help them separate out the grain from the chaff, decide what’s really important and put in place a plan to move forward.

I usually work in sets of six one hour long sessions with one to two weeks between each session.  The client is expected to make time for any self development work that may come up in the sessions such as making a list of your life priorities or future wishes.

I’m currently taking a limited number of Zoom clients. Email me if you’re interested.

My fees are equivalent to others in the mentoring and coaching field. I can also offer some free scholarship places.

Starting in 2023 I’ll be hosting three to five day in person retreats in the countryside to the north of Rome, Italy. Email me if you would like to join the waiting list.

In the meantime get in touch or find me on Linked in