The world needs more women entrepreneurs. That’s a fact taken from the GEM Women’s Entrepreneurship Report 2016/2017.  It cites one of the reasons why there are fewer women entrepreneurs than men in many places is lack of support such as coaching.

That’s Demistifi’s mission – to coach and mentor women entrepreneurs from start up to scale up and beyond.

Our Basic Package has six modules and covers what’s needed get a business up and running. Each module tackles a particular aspect.  There are recorded webinars, assignments, learning material and templates. The client is also asked to research their own situation in this area.  This all comes together as the basis for a one on one Skype mentoring/coaching call that is focused and relevant to the client’s situation.

Over the five modules the client builds up a business plan and in the sixth and last session they pitch their business. Aways a proud moment!

Women entrepreneurs can also take  Focused Modules that look at particular subjects in depth such as taking their business online or social media marketing. The same approach is used – there is learning material and client research assignments leading to a one on one Skype coaching/mentoring call.

Time Poverty

The GEM Women’s Entrepreneurship Report 2016/2017 statistics show that most women entrepreneurs are from 25 to 44. These years often coincide with having children and other caring services. With so many things going on women entrepreneurs are time poor. The modules are flexible so that clients can set their own pace according to their circumstances.

Women Entrepreneurs can set up regular “check in” sessions to help keep them on track or they can ask for reminders.

We are here to coach and mentor women entrepreneurs so their businesses flourish. Their success is our success!

Demistifi is currently in pre-launch. We will be rolling out in stages during 2018 and 2019 aiming at being fully operational by 2020.  Leave us a message on the Get in touch page if you would like to know when we go live.