Mentoring and coaching for women entrepreneurs

Small businesses are a powerful force of economic development. We know that women are notably absent in the top echelons of big business but they are an important backbone in the world of small businesses. Whether it’s a daily trader in the market or a person creating a luxury niche lifestyle business, women are there in huge numbers.

Women are natural entrepreneurs. They are skilled at spotting opportunities, collaborate and use their social networks to leverage joint resources. Watch any busy mother managing their own career and the lives of their busy little ones and you’ll see these skills in action.

Being a small business entrepreneur is particularly suited to women during the years when they have heavy caring schedules for children, parents or partners.

You might be thinking of starting a business as part of building a better life. Or you may want to purse your burning passion. No matter where you are on the resource ladder, you can start your own business.

Many women lack confidence in their own abilities and don’t feel comfortable in the business arena. That has to change and that’s where I come in.

With a tailored, one on one approach, together we will explore your goals and opportunities, take stock of what you have and do a reality check. All this will feed into a plan for the way forward with concrete next steps and check ins.

All sessions are remote. You may be assigned tasks between sessions.

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